Apple released their newest commercial yesterday, which promotes the iPhone X by highlighting the Apple Pay feature. A truly magical advancement in cell phone technology, the iPhone X features 5.8‑inch Super Retina screen that responds to touch, voice, and even a glance. Of course, Vulfpeck was the perfect music to match with a revolutionary multi-cam, Animoji-capable, superhuman cellular gadget that the world can keep—you guessed it—in their back pocket. Vulfpeck’s infamous “Back Pocket” hook is finally put to good use in the 1:08-minute video, positioning the song to get stuck in even more heads across the globe.

The catchy, yet sophisticated, 2015 Thrill of the Arts track follows a man who buys a hat, clothes, and more for a quick makeover while walking through the streets of ‘Fly Market’. He soon becomes so invincible that the products that he desires start to fly off the shelves and toward him, showcasing the power of “paying with a glance”.

Watch the new Apple commercial featuring Vulfpeck’s “Back Pocket” below:

[Video: Apple]

In 2015, Vulfpeck’s “The Birdwatcher” was featured in another international Apple commercial highlighting the phone’s video feature. In the video, a bird flies in slow motion near a hand holding out a crumb. The bird hesitates and then eats it, in this crystal clear clip shot on an iPhone 6 by Antoine D. The Woody Goss-penned tune serves as the perfect backdrop, yet again, for this 0:15 second clip.

[Video: Apple Italia]

What do cell phones and Vulfpeck have in common? They both belong in the pocket.

Vulfpeck have a light year ahead of them, with only four dates on the calendar so far. Following a festival appearance at Sweetwater 420 and two nights in New Orleans, the funk quartet will head to Morrison, CO for their first-ever headlining performance at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. With KNOWER and Kamasi Washington also on the bill, the 4/27 show is shaping up to be one of the most exciting to date. Head here for more information.