Funk-pop masters Vulfpeck have continually impressed throughout 2016, working their way into our hearts with appearances at festivals and venues across the country (and even across the pond!). As promised, the band has fulfilled their one-record-per-year testament with the release of The Beautiful Game.

Though industry practice is to release albums on Fridays, Vulfpeck puts their anti-industry approach at the forefront by releasing the album today, Monday October 17th. The new release features 10 original tracks, only a handful of which (like “Dean Town, premiered last week) have been heard.

Fortunately, the band has put their album on Spotify, so we can stream it in full via the player below. Enjoy!

In support of the new album, Vulfpeck held a “Telethon” event last night, which saw them occupy Jack Stratton’s backyard, while Theo Katzman roasted a frozen chicken and several friends stopped by to either play music or discuss Korean food during a Facebook live stream. Sunset yoga and chicken soda were also things that happened, as was the premiere of “El Chepe” and a failed attempt at a ramen to-go order, which ultimately saw Theo go and pick it up himself. If you ever wanted to watch Vulfpeck’s music synced to hours of dog footage, peep the videos below.

Congratulations to Vulfpeck for reaching their goal of $100,000. The 2016 release features a ton of new guests, including debuts from Laura Mace, Bethanni Grecynski, Jamire Williams, Michael Winogrand, Pegasus Warning, Adam Levy, and Rich Hinman. The Beautiful Game will also feature some of our favorite returning guests: guitarist Cory Wong, keyboardist Joey Dosik from “Game Winner”, “Back Pocket” vocal contributor Christine Hucal, and of course, the “Funky Duck” himself, Antwaun Stanley.