Late last week, The War On Drugs‘ singer/guitarist and principal songwriter Adam Granduciel took to the band’s Instagram for a Friday night jam session, which to the delight of fans watching from their own quarantine locations, included the debut of three new songs.

“This week we’ll go downstairs and Live for season 1 episode 1 of #QuaranTones,” Granduciel said of the Instagram Live hangout on Thursday (the day prior). “Let’s listen to some new, almost finished songs, some experiments, some old multi tracks, or maybe we’ll just listen to Automatic for the People through a Dimension D.”

The nearly-hour-long Instagram live session brought viewers into Granduciel’s home studio, where the rock musician took some time to chat with viewers, perform an acoustic rendition of “In Reverse” from 2014’s Lost in the Dream, gave a tour of his creative space, and played the rough mixes of three unfinished tunes entitled, “Victim”, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”, and “Harmonious Dream”. The band hasn’t released any new material since 2017’s A Deeper Understanding.

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“This is an older [version], we did some really cool sh*t on it last week,” Granduciel said prior to playing the latest audio mix of “Victim”. “So I don’t know how good it sounds or anything like that coming through the speakers but I’m just going to turn it up loud and hopefully you get a sense, I dunno, who cares. Hope you dig it.”

Though the audio isn’t as clear as some may prefer, listen to the latest mixes for the three unreleased songs and watch the entire Instagram live session below.

The War On Drugs – “Victim” [3/20/20 Mix]

[Video: radio nature]

The War On Drugs – “I Don’t Wanna Wait” [3/20/20 Mix]

[Video: radio nature]

The War On Drugs – “Harmonious Dream” [3/20/20 Mix]

[Video: radio nature]

The War On Drugs Instagram Live [3/20/20]

[Video: radio nature]