Easily one of the most versatile guitarists in the business, Warren Haynes has been featured in a number of roles… with The Dead, The Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, and countless others. However, on Steve Gorman’s sports radio program, Haynes revealed one of his lesser-known jobs, pitching against legendary baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. in little league.

According to an interview with Gorman, a founding member of the Black Crowes, Haynes likes to remember that he struck out Ripken when they faced off in little league. Of course, with no actual records, we’re just going to have to take Haynes’ word on the matter.

It is conceivable that this actually happened, as Ripken and Haynes are roughly the same age, at 54 and 55 respectively.

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Haynes also performed the opening track from his upcoming collaborative album with Railroad Earth, “Is It Me Or You”. Watch the clip of the song and interview below:

Haynes also recently announced the lineup for Mule’s annual Island Exodus tropical excursion. You can find out all about that here.

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