When Gov’t Mule announced their “Come What May” tour, the band promised all ticket buyers a free digital download of a forthcoming studio album, with few concrete details. Today, an interview with Warren Haynes confirms site of a new album Revolution Come…Revolution Go, due out June 9.

By design, the album’s recording started on Election Day. “But like everybody else, we were pretty convinced that Trump couldn’t win. We were halfway joking about, ‘Wow, this record’s going to take on a whole ‘nother color if he actually wins.’,” he told Rolling Stone.

Revolution Come … Revolution Go marks Gov’t Mule’s 10th studio album, and was recorded in Austin and New York City in collaboration with Gordie Johnson and Don Was.

The interview suggests that the album contains a heavy political agenda, mixing the band’s timeless blends of rock, blues, funk, and soul with lyrical observations on the state of America. The album’s lead single is called “Stone Cold Rage.” Listen to it below:

Speaking about the new single, Haynes explains, “Now I was forced to look at it from the standpoint of King Trump winning, and it occurred to me, all the people that voted for Hillary are angry, but the people that won, they’re angry too. They’re still angry about whatever they’ve been angry about for a long time, which in a lot of cases is real stuff that we’re all aware of. So it’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but I wanted to capture that intensity that’s going on right now. I’ve never seen it like this, ever. I grew up in the South; I’ve never seen people so angry and so divided. And we go all over the country. I’ve been out to California – it’s going on out there, too,” Haynes says about the new single.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the songwriting and recording process:

Read the full interview here.

[Photo by Rex Thomson]