Mere weeks after telling Rolling Stone that he was retiring the alias of ‘Gene Ween’, Aaron Freeman, one of the bands founding members, has apparently reached out to his former bandmates for help. Asheville, NC venue ‘The Grey Eagle’ posted a message on their official website claiming that Freeman has cancelled his entire tour due to low-ticket sales. They later posted an official message from Freeman’s camp, which read “”Regretfully we are cancelling [sic] our upcoming Aaron Freeman show, due to low ticket sales. There will be no rescheduled date, please seek ticket refunds at your point of purchase.”

Late last night, Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. claimed on Twitter that Freeman contacted him and apparently his other former band mates about getting back together for a re-union, writing “unreal! Just 3 wks after blindsiding us all, his tour dead, his wallet bare G wants 2 tour “for the fans” us 2 help him “as a friend” huh?”. After releasing his solo album “Marvelous Clouds”, Freeman told Rolling Stone that Ween was “a closed book”, effectively breaking up the band to the shock of his bandmates. Freeman has been know to have a strong history of drug use, forcing the band to cancel a tour in 2004, and suffering an on stage incident in January of 2011 that had many fans worrying about his well being.