Last week, Dean Ween promised at least 94 tunes for the band’s three-night stand at Colorado’s 1STBANK Center. Night one of Ween’s reunion brought a whopping 33 songs, while night two offered up 30 more. 

Full Audio & Videos From Night One of The Boognish!

Another career-spanning evening with Ween started with a “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese,” “Take Me Away,” and “Transdermal Celebration.” Freeman introduced “Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?” as his “favorite Ween song,” then after performing it, continues “I’ve been waiting to sing that one for a long time.” 

“Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?”

Additional early night highlights include “The Grobe,” “Stroker Ace,” “The Golden Eel,” and “Happy Colored Marbles” before the band went fully acoustic for a six-song string of classics, featuring a live Ween debut of “Kim Smoltz” from 2007’s The Mollusk Sessions. “Joppa Road” brought new heights to an acoustic-closing “I Don’t Want It.” 

“The Grobe”

“Stroker Ace”


“The Golden Eel”

“Kim Smoltz”

“Joppa Road”

Plugging back in for an incredibly powerful “Frank,” and browning into another fan-favorite “She Fucks Me.” From dreamland “Ocean Man” to nightmarish “You Fucked Up,” an extended guitar transition led into the legendarily lengthy “Poopship Destroyer,” which only clocked in at about eight minutes. A beautiful “Transition” took form as another live debut, before the band appropriately paid tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister with a rocking cover of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.”

“You Fucked Up”

“Poopship Destroyer”

Another browner set in with a heavy “Laura,” perhaps the heftiest of the night next to “Frank” and “Poopship Destroyer.” Things tightened up again for a smooth-grooving “Zoloft,” but the stains remained for a rip-roaring “Doctor Rock” set closer.



“Dr. Rock”

The encore presented “something special,” as Gene approaches a podium (new to the stage, with song title printed on it) and jokingly asks us to sing-a-long, for “Pollo Asado,” a comical exchange about ordering Mexican food during a walk on the beach (“$16.07’s your change,”) until “Demon Sweat” reluctantly closed the night, leaving all but the best taste in the mouths of all Ween-ers. With great portions of the night’s highlights stemming from 1991’s The Pod, the taste was mostly brown, a perfect antithesis to tomorrow’s celebration of love.

“Pollo Asado”

Listen to full show audio below:

Setlist: Ween at 1STBANK Center, Broomfield, CO – 2/13/16

Set: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, Take Me Away, Transdermal Celebration, Back to Basom, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?, The Grobe, Stroker Ace, Object, Ice Castles, The Golden Eel, Happy Colored Marbles, Kim Smoltz*^, Tried and True*, Baby Bitch*, Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain*, Joppa Road*, I Don’t Want It*, Frank, She Fucks Me, Ocean Man, You Fucked Up, Poopship Destroyer, The Rift, Transitions^, Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover), Laura, Zoloft, Doctor Rock

Encore: Pollo Asado, Demon Sweat

*acoustic, ^debut

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