The White Stripes put their own spin on the classic Yule log video on Tuesday with a 90-minute animation set to their Greatest Hits album, a collection of B-sides and rarities, and the band’s original Christmas song, “Candy Cane Children”.

This release comes following a trove of archival material from the duo comprised of Jack and Meg White. Though the group officially disbanded in 2011, this year has seen a flurry of releases including the aforementioned Greatest Hits collection, archival footage, rare B-sides, and more.

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Directed by Noah Sterling—who has worked with everyone from Doja Cat to the Grateful Dead—the video takes viewers on an animated journey through 28 White Stripes tracks. These songs were culled from the 26-track Greatest Hits collection as well as the recent dump of 18 rare B-sides that also included acoustic versions and live renditions. The video also starts off with The White Stripes’ original Christmas song, “Candy Cane Children”.

While the video ostensibly mimics the classic Yule log format, the band made this video wholly original as it cycles between a number of scenes with each passing song. From the warm embrace of the fire that opens the video to the frightening specter of the Yeti, this Yule log video is much more than wood in a fire.

Watch The White Stripes’ animated Yule log video below and scroll down to see the full tracklist.

The White Stripes – “Animated Yule Log Video”

[Video: The White Stripes]

The White Stripes Yule Log Video Tracklist

0:01 Candy Cane Children

2:27 White Moon

6:27 A Martyr for My Love for You

10:45 I’m Finding It Harder To Be a Gentleman

13:41 Wasting My Time

15:55 Suzy Lee

19:16 We’re Going to Be Friends

21:38 In The Cold, Cold Night

24:36 The Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise

27:50 Boy’s Best Friend

32:10 Do

35:15 City Lights

40:05 The Same Boy You’ve Always Known

43:15 This Protector

45:25 Hotel Yorba

47:33 As Ugly As I Seem

51:43 I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart

55:00 Little Bird

58:08 I’m Slowly Turning Into You

1:02:40 Sister, Do You Know My Name?

1:05:30 I’m Bound to Pack It Up

1:08:39 Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

1:11:45 The Union Forever

1:15:10 The Nurse

1:19:00 Well It’s True That We Love One Another

1:21:39 My Doorbell

1:25:40 Apple Blossom

1:27:55 You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket

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