Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett who records and releases music as WILLOW, has strong feelings about Primus.

The 21-year-old launched her music career as a pre-teen with her 2010 pop-rap dance hit, “Whip My Hair”. She has since released several albums, each of which has moved further away from the “crunk” sound that initially earned her commercial acclaim. Her third album, 2021’s lately I feel EVERYTHING, marked a transition toward pop-punk sounds, and her upcoming fourth LP, <CopingMechanism>, is reportedly due to continue that progression.

In a video she posted to Instagram last week, WILLOW rocked out to “Follow The Fool”, one of the songs off the eccentric alt-rock trio’s 2022 EP, Conspiranoid, and took a solid pass at the track’s characteristically dissonant Larry “Ler” LaLonde guitar riff. In the caption, WILLOW exclaimed, “I [expletive] LOVE PRIMUS … If you haven’t listened to [Conspiranoid] … that’s a big issue.”

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Soon after she posted the video, Les Claypool, the bassist/vocalist/deranged musical mastermind behind Primus, popped into the comment section to give his seal of approval: “Fine guitar pickin’ there young fiery lass,” he quipped. A starstruck WILLOW responded, “I’m sh—ing my pants with gratitude right now.” Soon after, she updated her display name on Instagram to the Claypool-approved “Young Fiery Lass.” Watch the Willow Smith Primus appreciation clip that caught Claypool’s attention below.


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