Every once in a while, a band comes along with a name that just rolls off the tongue.  Wobblesauce is one of those bands.  Try saying it three times over and it only puts a smile on your face. Then you listen to their music and it adds a whole new dimension to their name.  

Their new EP, the first of two, is aptly named Obstacle Illusions: Part One. Band members include Michael McCarthy on keys, Jake Boynton on bass, Michael Hallock on guitar, and Kyle Ruggieri on drums. Mike Greenfield, of Lotus, says of the band, “Wobblesauce blends an interesting and unique mix of progressive rock and electronica. Be sure to catch them on the road, and check out their new EP.”

Diving right in, the first track, “Highway Hypnosis,” grabs the listener straight out of the gate. Wrenching you from your seat, this tune is stacked with gritty guitar work, intense keys, and heavy beats that take you on a mystical ride. This quick paced opener wastes no time in grabbing the listener’s attention.  Midway through, the keyboard/guitar mix extends the range of intensity to heights that blow you away, while Boynton grabs the bass by the balls and delivers exploratory bombs, bringing the tune on a wild ride. The tight tones, mixed with synchronized interjections of just the right attitude, create a massive first track. If light shows were music, this track would be what’s created. 

“Moon Rips” continues the elegant perfection of jamtronica. Heavy on piano, and dripping with layered keyboard of varying sounds, this track carries the listener into a soothing wave of both rocking guts and calmer notes. Don’t be fooled though, as Hallock unforgivingly rips into it midway with intense guitar that really opens up the song. Don’t forget to breathe while listening because, by track two, your face might be melted.

Wobblesauce does not hold back as they head into “Grawlix.” This extensive tune features the best of everything. McCarthy’s magic on the keys shines through, as Hallock’s guitar makes a point to heighten the senses. The band brilliantly apply a sample of singer Bright Lights vocals throughout. Her angelic, yet mysterious, tone create wildly colorful and emotional vibes. Ruggieri’s masterful drum skills carry the backbone of this exceptional track. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hitting the repeat button immediately once this beauty of a tune ends. 

The EP wraps up with “Rift.” This tightly composed piece is crammed with chunks of massive energy thrown from the guitar, deep bass tones, and swirling electronic strokes. When the very last note drops, the listener can finally catch their breath, though leaves the ears begging for more. 

This band’s music has clearly matured over time, and this EP proves it.  Michael Travis, of String Cheese Incident, stated, “Wobblesauce has really come of age. So much discipline and power. A very compelling confluence of disparate sonic elements and styles.” The impressive ability shown by all members of the band, throughout this intricately designed EP, make this album an outstanding addition to any music lovers collection. It’s highly suggested to listen to Obstacle Illusions with headphones, which allows the ears to soak in the full depth of musical layers throughout this EP.  You won’t be disappointed. 

For more information on Wobblesauce, and their new EP, please visit their official website. 

Words by Sarah Bourque. Follow on Twitter.