In spring of 2018, a new reality television show will be coming to truTV called Colorado Wook Hunters. The program follows six card-carrying members of the massive hunting association, Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters™, as they explore Colorado’s Front Range and beyond searching for their next big wook to bag and tag.

While the majority of the season was shot in Colorado, an inside source has revealed that parts of the show were shot in San Francisco, CA, and Black Rock City, NV, as well as a number of music festivals during summer 2017. The same source also noted that the first season’s finale sees all six of the hunters traveling to Costa Rica for peak-season hunting at Envision Festival.

Notably, one hunter on the show—James McWilliams—made headlines earlier in the year after he was found illegally hunting at the only officially designated nature preserve for wooks, Sancho’s Broken Arrow in Denver. While McWilliams’ case in court is currently ongoing, many members of CBGTWH have protested his role on the television show, citing that he is a poor representation of wook hunters everywhere.

McWilliams’ role on the show is not the only controversy surrounding Colorado Wook Hunters. The television program has already drawn fervent criticism from a number of anti-hunting and animal-rights activist groups. PETA recently issued a statement which argues that the new television show “glorifies the horrific and cruel hunting of beautiful and wild beasts” and has plans to publically protest the premiere of the series by throwing synthetic dreadlocks at attendees.

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