Yes Darling, the somewhat new collaboration between singer/guitarist Ryan Montbleau and Hayley Jane of Hayley Jane & The Primates, has shared their debut music video for “Call Your Mother”. The cute song originally appeared on the duo’s 2018 self-titled debut studio album.

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The new video shared on Wednesday opens up with both Montbleau and Jane looking awfully dapper as the old-timey-sounding tune plays out in a bar setting. The two, seated across from one another, trade-off lyrics as the camera shifts back and forth to go with each singer’s lines. From there, the storyline opens up to recreate the past scenarios mentioned within the lyrics, which, along with some crafty video editing, keeps the viewer easily engaged as the two revisit their pasts shenanigans in an honest, but entertaining kind of way.

Watch the new video for “Call Your Mother” below.

Yes Darling – “Call Your Mother”

[Video: Yes Darling]

“To me, Yes Darling is Ryan and myself being honest, brutally honest,” Hayley Jane mentioned in a statement about the single and video. “We’ve taken these parts of ourselves and amplified them into characters. It’s us, but we’ve removed a few filters and added adorable outfits. We tackle the highs, lows, and mundane of relationships. I think there’s a lot folks want to say to their partners, but they either don’t know how or are afraid. So we put it all on blast so we can look at it and laugh. I think laughing through darkness and difficulty is how a lot of us move on from it.”

Montbleau also added, “Yes Darling is a duo and we play a couple and we fight in our songs. I think at our deepest, we explore male/female archetypes and dig at some truths about couple-hood in a way I’ve never seen any musical project do before.”

Yes Darling doesn’t have any upcoming performances scheduled at the moment, but fans can catch Hayley Jane at the Harvestfest: Tribute to Mother Earth event in Westernville, NY on October 19th. Montbleau’s next scheduled performance is a solo show at Christ Church United, UCC in Lowell, MA on October 18th. Head to Jane’s website and Montbleau’s website for full listings of their upcoming shows.