Wednesday night, a humid Brooklyn Bowl was filled to capacity with fans there to see Yonder Mountain String Band.  People arrived eager and chatty.  It was an eclectic mix of first timers and veterans, both super excited to see this unique Colorado bluegrass band.  Bassist Ben Kaufmann, guitarist Adam Aijala, banjo player Dave Johnston and mandolinist Jeff Austin are well known for mixing tradition and modern bluegrass styles for a sound unique to the band.  For this reason, they are a fan favorite at music festivals around the country.

For a band that has been together since 1998, they are still able to present a unique show each time they play.  A touching moment in the first set occurred when mandolinist Jeff Austin dedicated a song to Brendan Bayliss from Umphrey’s McGee and his newborn son.  “New Horizons>Kentucky Mandolin>New Horizons” to open the show was a great way to get the party started.

Despite being a bit slow at times (and some people did leave because of this), most of the crowd was into it; especially in the second set.  “Snow on The Pines > Cookoo’s Nest > Snow on the Pines” to end the second set took us on an emotional bluegrass rollercoaster.  The stories, harmonies and way the band plays together as a family always keeps people coming back from more.


Set 1: 

New Horizons>Kentucky Mandolin>New Horizons, New Horizons, Criminal, Idaho, Rag Doll, Don’t You Lean On Me, Troubled Mind>20 Eyes> Troubled Mind, Night Out, New Deal Train, Angel>Riverside>Angel


Set 2:

Casualty, Don’t Worry Happy Birthday, One More, Honestly, Elzic’s Farewell>What the Night Brings, Finally Saw the Light, Maid O’ the Canyon, Ain’t No Way of Knowing, Another Day, Snow On the Pines>Cuckoo’s Nest>Snow On the Pines> Raleigh and Spencer



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