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PREMIERE: Benjamin Shock & Marina Martensson Release Mellow New Single, “It’s A Shame”

Slovenian DJ/producer Benjamin Shock is most known for spinning house and hip-hop beats on radio shows and European underground labels as well as for a number of hip-hop artists. His first house track, titled “Get Down, was released by the German house label Discogalaxy on both vinyl and digital. Shock is also one-half of the electro/funk/ house duo called Fatnatikz — the other half is his good friend and fellow Slovenian, Gramatik. In 2014, Shock dropped “Feel Da Phunk,” which was the first of many singles he’s released via Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. In addition to the tracks he’s produced, Shock proved his versatility as a DJ when he won third place in the Burn Residency DJ Contest. “It’s really hard for me to play or produce only one specific style of dance music,” Shock said. “I like to keep my sets dynamic as well as in the studio. It all depends on the vibe and the crowd on the dance floor.”

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Shock’s latest single, “It’s A Shame,”  is featured on Lowtemp’s third installment of its compilation series, Lowtemporary, which is due out soon. Thanks to the soulful vocals of Swedish singer Marina Martensson and creative input from guitarist Teo Collori, “It’s A Shame” is a moody number with a chill vibe, reminiscent of Portishead or Massive Attack. As singer Marina Martensson noted about the song’s creation process, “The second I heard the beat and guitar playing, I started singing the words that would later become the verse more or less unchanged. The process was immediate.”

Live For Live Music proudly premieres the latest from Benjamin Shock, “It’s A Shame” featuring Marina Martensson, below. You can also head over to Benjamin Shock’s Facebook or Soundcloud for more information about and tunes from the producer and DJ.