Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! The famous David Bowie tune “Changes” was first released to British audiences on this day in 1972. Fifty years later, the song still encompasses everything we love about David Bowie – the sleek lyrics, uplifting melodies, tricky chord progressions and an all-around soulful sound.

Though released on the Hunky Dory in December of 1971, “Changes” was formally released as a single on January 7th of 1972. The song features the work of accomplished musicians like Rick Wakeman (Yes), Mick Ronson, and Bowie playing the saxophone himself. According to him, the song started out as a parody of nightclub life but evolved into a criticism of an artist looking for new ways to reinvent himself. Of course, Bowie continually reinvented his image, and the song eventually became anthemic of Bowie himself.

“Changes” continually ranks on top songs lists, and even charted for the first time following Bowie’s death last year. It was, interestingly, the final song that Bowie ever performed live, in 2006, before his retirement from music.

In honor of the song’s anniversary, listen to the classic composition in all of its glory.

[Video: David Bowie]