Michigander, otherwise known as indie-rock artist Jason Singer, has steadily accumulated critical acclaim since his independently released single, “Nineties”, began raking in streams back in 2016. In the time since, Singer has continued to build momentum with a body of work that emanates both a magnetic Midwestern energy and an optimistically introspective conceit. A pair of EPs—2018’s Midland and 2019’s Where Do We Go From Here—showcased Michigander’s continued growth into a breakout star.

Jason wrote all the material for Where Do We Go From Here in his bedroom over the course of six months and co-produced the collection alongside Jake Rye. He emphasized the prominence of solos in every song, making what he appropriately describes as “big pop songs disguised with guitars.” The September 2020 release of “Let Down” and the folk-tinged companion track, “48”, continued the evolution of Michigander’s sound.

“Let Down”, in particular, highlights the thoughtful themes and shimmering sound at Michigander’s core. Focusing on the importance of dreaming big and taking risks but not getting caught up in the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself, the track resonates as we continue the journey through a tumultuous 2020.The song has been steadily rising up the AAA radio charts, where it currently sits at #12.

While Michigander typically records and performs with an eponymous backing band, the pandemic-dictated limitations of this most unusual of years forced Singer to pare down his operation. With limited opportunities to get together with his full outfit—which features Aaron Senor on drums, Connor Robertson on bass, and Jake LeMond on guitar—the few times they were able to gather in 2020 took on added emotional significance.

As Jason Singer explains, “We’ve only been able to get together a few times this year and play music as a band. Normally we see each other more than 100 days a year while on tour or recording, but due to the state of the world, we’ve been very on our own. The rare times we’ve been able to all play our music, it’s been truly special and makes us thankful for each other. I think this video really captured the magic well.”

Today, Live For Live Music is thrilled to premiere the new, full-band live video for Michigander’s “Let Down” recorded at Eureka Records in Wyandotte, Michigan. Check out the new live video for “Let Down” by Michigander below featuring audio mixed by Tyler Floyd and footage captured by Jacob Floyd and Kris Hermann.

Michigander – “Let Down” (Live From Eureka Records)

[Video: Michigander]

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