The original KAABOO Del Mar kicked off five years ago in sunny California, but the uniquely curated festival will make its debut in Arlington, Texas, as KAABOO Texas during the weekend of May 10-12th. This highly anticipated event fuses together world-class music, rip-roaring comedy, awe-inspiring art, craft food and drink, and many other indulgences to create the ultimate adult experience.

Set to be a weekend of partaking in all facets of food, art, and music, KAABOO is set to be the next best fest to take over the Dallas/ Fort. Worth area. KAABOO prides itself on being everything a typical music festival is not. KAABOO’s vision stands to be a new kind of entertainment and arts experience designed around comfort, hospitality, and good times.

Attendees of KAABOO Del Mar will agree that the festival matches its mission. Those who go to KAABOO Texas are in for a weekend of endless indulgences in music, art, and specially catered entertainment.

The 6 Key Ingredients to a Delectable KAABOO EXperience

Most Important…Music

The KAABOO Texas lineup features legendary and upcoming musical artists in a surprisingly wide variety of genres. From headliners and musical icons Lionel Richie, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd to full-time favorites The Avett Brothers, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morissette, Ludacris, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, KAABOO is truly raising the festival lineup bar.

The entire curation of musical meddlings available to listeners truly allows this atypical festival to stand out. KAABOO Texas offers adults of all ages to catch some of their favorite bands from throughout the decades as well as discover newer bands who are making waves in genres all their own.


Not only does KAABOO Texas cater to the music lovers, they also cater to those who love to laugh. Have you ever met anybody that did not love to laugh? Yeah, us either. KAABOO is bringing an all-star comedic clan to create smiles on the faces of all in attendance at its Texas debut and personally, we cannot wait. The ‘Humor Me’ section of the festival is there for you when your feet need a break and your mind needs a chuckle.

Art + Exhibits

KAABOO is set to feature some of the art scene’s finest out there–from mural installations to exhibitions to their very own KAABOO art gallery, be sure to feast your eyes on the oodles of talent on the lineup. Get yourself familiar with their mural and installation artists, featured galleries, and KAABOO gallery artists to check out what to expect on the festival grounds.

BASK: Day + Night Pool Party

‘Retreat’, ‘pool’, and ‘beach’ are not words you usually hear when thinking of a festival in Dallas, but KAABOO brings all these words and more to life with BASK. BASK is KAABOO’s signature “Vegas-style” day + nightclub featuring DJ sets, flowing cocktails, and yard games. Rent a personal cabana, buy a day pass, and BASK your way through the weekend in style.

Get Comfortable (have a seat, anti-dirt, pleasant potty time)

KAABOO is all about a comfortable, pleasurable, and luxurious weekend experience. The festival forms a new mold in the oversaturated genre of weekend music events by allowing anyone and everyone to indulge and enjoy. KAABOO is the festival for those who are not typical festival goers. Indulge yourself with a personal massage, a hot shave, or completely recharge in one of the festival’s relaxation zones. Did we mention there are no porta-potties and an anti-dirt policy?

Amplify + Upgrade (blue star, rockstar, ultimate hang)

Choose your KAABOO experience to make it as ultimate and exclusive as you want with one of the festival’s many options to amplify and upgrade your weekend pass. Blue Star, Rock Star, and Ultimate Hang are the three different options to take your KAABOO weekend to the ultimate level of luxury. Different offerings include chef-curated culinary options, exclusive AMPLIFY-only performances by KAABOO talent, Golf cart access around the venue, private venue entrance, and access to the KAABOO Artist Lounge, just to name a few.

The groundbreaking festival kicks off its Texas edition in just a few weeks. Grab your tickets now and we will see you at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, May 10-12th.