Keller Williams is proud of his place as the whimsical jester of the jam band scene.  There is no musician more versatile than Williams, who is able to change genres as easily as most of us change shirts.Whether he is getting funky with his More Than A Little outfit, taking fans to church with his Grateful Gospel choir, delving into the jazzy side of life with KWahtro or just joking around and building layers of sound solo he always brings the same smile and spirit of fun to everything he does and we love him for it.

Watch Keller Williams’ KWahtro Deliver Jazzy Grateful Dead, Joe Walsh Tunes At Summer Camp

To help folks around his home in Virginia work off their upcoming tryptophan-induced comas after turkey day Williams has gathered Larry & Jenny Keel, Jeremy Garrett of The Infamous Stringdusters, Danny Barnes and Jay Starling for a three-night barnstorming run of picking, grinning and dancing off the holiday pounds! We sat down with the always engaging Williams right after Halloween to talk holidays, his view on the political scene and the burning question of the day…which of his many bands would survive a reality breaking, no holds barred faceoff battle to the death. Clearly, the chat was simply no fun at all. Check out our brief but delightfully off-kilter conversation below!

For more information on these special holiday shows and to get tickets for Keller’s upcoming dates, check out his tour page here!