Denver-based soul-hop group ManyColors has a brand new single which was heavily inspired by legendary late producer J Dilla. Titled “Gladys”, the relaxing track marks the group’s second-ever single via Color Red following the release of “Bangs” last month. Comprised of guitarist Brant Williams, keyboardist Eric Luba, bassist Kirwan Brown, and drummer Braxton Kahn, ManyColors puts a fresh spin on the instrumental hip-hop & lo-fi movement by utilizing harmonic approaches traditionally used in jazz and playing each instrument as if it were sampled.

“Gladys”, which runs at a quick 3:07 minutes in length, eases the listener into a relaxed state thanks to the dreamy mix of rich melody from both Williams and Luba. Braxton Hahn holds down the rhythm section with drum track that sounds like it could be coming straight out of Dilla’s MPC. The recording sparkles and shines like a sunny spring morning as it effortlessly takes the listener out of the winter blues and into warmer pastures thanks to the glistening lead lines of Williams’ guitar in contrast with Luba.

Chill-hop instrumentals can often feel repetitive, but ManyColors keeps “Gladys” moving in interesting directions from start to finish thanks to the assistance of Color Red producers Mike Tallman and Josh Fairman (SunSquabi). Listeners will also appreciate the added layer of melodic warmth coming out of Monique Brooks-Roberts, who contributed a dreamy violin part to the recording.

You can take a listen to “Gladys” below:

ManyColors – “Gladys”

[Audio: Color Red]

Speaking of J.Dilla, the band is scheduled to deliver an entire set in tribute to the hip-hop legend as the opening act for Live For Live Music‘s April edition of The Funk Sessions at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver tonight, Tuesday, April 23rd.

Guitarist/bandleader Brant Williams added some thoughts to go with the song’s premiere ahead of their live tribute to Dilla. “The idea of the J Dilla set is to showcase how we play J Dilla tunes,” Williams explained. “Rather than approach it as a straight-up cover band and sound like the record, we want to do our own interpretations.”

Drummer Braxton Kahn also added, “We are using Dilla’s iconic melodies and rhythmic feel but with our own personal twist to feature more real-time improvisation.”

Live For Live Music’s April edition of The Funk Sessions, hosted by Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch and featuring his Lettuce bandmate, Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, Wil Blades, The Motet’s Garrett Sayers, a gigantic special guest, and an opening J Dilla tribute set by ManyColors will take place tonight. Grab your tickets here!