When Marquee New York re-opened last month, it promised to become Manhattan’s newest hot spot for dance music, combining a brand new sound and lighting system with global superstar DJ talent to create a new super club for dance music fans. So far, Marquee seems to be delivering on that promise: case in point, superstar Gareth Emery taking the decks for a monstrous set this past Saturday night.

We’ve talked about the renovations to Marquee before, but it should be mentioned that the club’s new set up is perfectly suited for a someone with roots in trance music like Gareth Emery. The sound system is one of the best in the city, with pulsating bass drops and crystal clear melodies that allow you to get lost in the sound. The constant visual stimulation, whether it be the lights on the ceiling or dancers on the sides, provide entertainment virtually wherever you look – it’s really an awesome experience.

Gareth himself never fails to put on a great party. While he’s made a name for himself with huge trance hits like ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Concrete Angel’, in the club setting, Gareth makes sure the room is bouncing at all times. Of course, you’ll get your sing-a-long moments, you’ll bounce your hands to the melodies, and you’ll get your favorite songs – but Gareth loves to mix in some top 40 and some hip hop to switch it up. It’s not really walking into the traditional trance show. There’s a lot more to it.

Gareth posted a message on his official Facebook this morning, talking about how lucky he was to play for the “stunning new club and superb crowd”, so you know he had a good time. The crowd was eating it all up – hands were in the air, everyone was dancing, and the place was packed. This was Gareth’s first gig of 2013, and he used the opportunity to tease some new unreleased tracks and try out some new stuff. If that’s a peek into what’s going on behind the scenes, this is going to be a great year for Gareth Emery. He hasn’t released a proper album since 2010′s Northern Lights so hopefully there’s something shaping up here.

If you’re curious as to just how much Marquee has changed, check out the video below highlighting some of the new features. You should also probably make your way over to the spot and check it out – David Guetta will be there on Wednesday.