2018 has been a standout year for STS9. With the band celebrating its own 20th anniversary, and keeping a rather hectic touring schedule throughout the year, the Santa-Cruz, CA-based electronic quintet also hosted their own, highly successful and much talked about Wave Spell Festival in Belden Town, CA in August. The band will finish out the year with a 3-night run at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver (with an intimate Wave Spell performance at Summit Music Hall on 12/30), a city that has without a shred of doubt shown STS9 the love since Day One (purchase tickets here).

With a strong support lineup announced, this should make for quite the party to ring in the new year. On Friday, December 28th, STS9 will be supported by Pnuma Live, marking the first time the former Pnuma Trio band members will come together to perform in several years, while also leaving an air of mystery as to who this current lineup will feature. On the 29th, producer TOKiMONSTA (aka Jennifer Lee) get things warmed up early on with her massive song list of high profile collaborations and remixes. Chicago house legend Mark Farina is slated for the New Year’s Eve proper show, and will perform cuts from his famed Mushroom Jazz sessions, which gives the night nothing less than an abundance of potential.

STS9 w/ Richard Devine – Wave Spell Improv Set – 8/17/18:

[via Live For Live Music]

Not only will the New Year’s performance act as the culmination of STS9’s 20th anniversary, but it will also commence The Fillmore’s own 20th anniversary, with Tribe being the first band on stage moving into 2019 to grace the stage of the iconic venue. The group recently made a post that they were in the studio prior to their performances at this year’s Holidaze and Emerald Cup, which leaves even more possibilities on the table for the upcoming run.

It has been a milestone year for Hunter Brown, Jeffree Lerner, David Phipps, Zach Velmer, and Alana Rocklin, proving this crew is not only aging ever so gracefully, but also wholly embracing their own evolution as one band, one unit, and one unstoppable force of energy for the universe to put forth unto the masses. What 2019 has in store has yet to be completely imagined, but one thing is for certain….the final shows of 2018 are going to transcend all expectations for what is an entirely realized STS9.

Tickets for the run are currently on-sale and can be purchased HERE.

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