The union of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi—and their respective bands—will go down as one of the most defining moments in the history of rock and roll. The duo’s massive 12-piece group, Tedeschi Trucks Band, is churning out original music and powerful performances with no limitations and impeccable cohesion. Their recently released four-part opus, I Am The Moon, is their most ambitious project to date.

Last night, the ensemble of musicians took the stage at Manhattan’s world-renowned Beacon Theatre with the horn and backup vocalist sections flanking the center piece of guitarists Derek and Susan and performed the second show of their annual October NYC residency.

Tedeschi Trucks Band commenced the evening with a live recreation of I Am The Moon: IV. Farewell, opening with “Last Night in the Rain”. The vocal strength of the group was spearheaded by Susan Tedeschi’s powerful voice and echoing harmonies from Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers, and Alecia Chakour.

Positive vibes flowed into “Soul Sweet Song” as Derek and the vocalists captured a call-and-response section until Derek took the wheel for a seemingly effortless slide solo. After a quick pause, Susan broke the silence for an emotional performance of “D’Gary” before Mike Mattison stepped to the front of stage for a candid “Where Are My Friends?”

The stage emptied as Derek Trucks swapped out his signature cherry red Gibson SG guitar in favor for an acoustic and took a seat for a heartfelt duet with his wife during “I Can Feel You Smiling”. Susan’s voice resonated through the venue, emphasizing the Beacon’s newly installed state-of-the-art sound system.

To close out the album’s material, TTB performed “Another Day” as Mike Mattison strummed the rhythms on an acoustic guitar in the back row. Susan re-equipped her guitar for an early solo in Blind Joe Reynolds’ “Outside Woman Blues”. Speaking through his guitar, Derek followed up with an electrifying solo of his own to bring the 1929 blues song into modern times.

Winding down the first frame, Tedeschi Trucks dug into two originals as an extended introduction from the horn section built up a soaring “Until You Remember” off the band’s debut album, 2011’s Revelator. Keyboardist Gabe Dixon added a sweet solo to the mix.

The horns continued to flourish during a closing “Idle Wind”. The band expanded the track from 2013’s Made Up Mind and featured a slide solo from Derek as well as a percussive battle between Tyler Greenwell and Isaac Eady. The audience erupted in cheers as Greenwell threw the mallet in his right hand over his shoulder and exchanged it for a traditional drumstick without missing a beat.

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Back from set break, Tedeschi Trucks Band honored its past by covering Allman Brothers Band’s “Stand Back” for only the sixth time ever, the last time being more than a decade ago in the fall of 2011. It was the second night in a row that the band opened the second set with an Allman Brothers tune, suggesting a pattern that is likely to continue throughout the run. Gabe Dixon and Susan Tedeschi split the vocal duties as Derek’s fingers retraced the familiar movements from his previous life as ABB’s guitarist during the band’s final era.

Relaying what so many in the audience were feeling, a brass-infused “I Want More” gave Kebbi Williams a chance to strut his stuff on saxophone. Mike Mattison stepped back to the front as Susan donned her autographed teal guitar to lead the charge through Bessie Smith’s “Gin House Blues”. After Gabe Dixon cut into a solo, Mike Mattison pounced on the concluding verse before Derek ended the tune with a trademark slide solo.

Susan retook the helm for a commanding performance of her own composition, “Just Won’t Burn”. Her vocals and blues guitar prowess were front and center as the stage lights glared with each of her well-timed boot stomps.

Redirecting the setlist back into TTB’s repertoire, Derek Trucks orchestrated a fiery “Misunderstood” and pointed to bassist Brandon Boone and then trombonist Elizabeth Lea. With his quiet authority, Trucks both politely requested and respectfully challenged his peers as he opened the floor and allowed both Brandon and Elizabeth an opportunity to shine, respectively.

Once more, Susan put down her guitar to dedicate her focus and energy to sing “Shame”. The song featured a triumphant build up and peak before sliding from the zenith into the isolated vocal melodies, guiding each audience member into the mirrored depths of their own individual self-reflection.

Half the stage emptied as the lingering stupor was interrupted by Ephraim Owens’ trumpet and Brandon Boone’s bass introducing Billy Taylor’s “I Wish I Knew How to Be Free”. After Derek Trucks tore into an early solo, Mike Mattison and Susan took turns singing before passing the vocal baton to Mark Rivers and Alecia Chakour for a euphoric call-and-response section. The set ended with one final Derek Trucks solo and Susan’s vocals fading into silence.

To close out the second night of the seven-show Beacon residency, Tedeschi Trucks Band brought Mike Mattison back to the forefront for a rowdy “Get What You Deserve”. The lone encore packed a helluva punch as Derek and Susan shared a guitar tango across the dance floor of their own fretboards, their fingers flying with calculated precision. Gabe Dixon strolled down his keyboard for one last solo before the song ended and the band walked off the stage for the final time.

Plenty of music still on the horizon as TTB packs the venue again tonight, Saturday, October 1st, on Monday, October 3rd, Thursday, October 6th, Friday, October 7th, and the finale on Saturday, October 8th. You’re going to want to catch this band before they jettison overseas for an extensive European tour.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Last Night In The Rain” – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Soul Sweet Song” – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Where Are My Friends?” – 9/30/22

[Video: Big Al with Cheese]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “I Can Feel You Smiling” – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Outside Woman Blues” (Blind Joe Reynolds) – 9/30/22

[Video: Big Al with Cheese]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Idle Wind” – 9/30/22

[Video: Big Al with Cheese]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Stand Back” (Allman Brothers Band) – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “I Want More” – 9/30/22

[Video: jtbone68]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Gin House Blues” (Bessie Smith) – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Just Won’t Burn” (Susan Tedeschi) – 9/30/22

[Video: don swasing]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Shame” – 9/30/22

[Video: Sean Roche]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Get What You Deserve” – 9/30/22

[Video: Big Al with Cheese]

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Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Beacon Theatre | New York, NY | 9/30/22

Set 1: Last Night in the Rain, Soul Sweet Song, D’Gary, Where Are My Friends?, I Can Feel You Smiling, Another Day, Outside Woman Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds), Until You Remember, Idle Wind

Set 2: Stand Back (Allman Brothers Band), I Want More, Gin House Blues (Bessie Smith), Just Won’t Burn (Susan Tedeschi), Misunderstood, Shame, I Wish I Knew How To Be Free (Billy Taylor)

Encore: Get What You Deserve (The Derek Trucks Band)