Following the 2016 presidential election, The Get Right Band channeled its anger and frustration into a stomping new song, “Pulled Up Root”. Today, as the country sits less than two months away from another election cycle, The Get Right Band has shared a new music video for the track off its latest album, Itchy Soul.

From the first pounding notes of “Pulled Up Root”, it’s immediately apparent how angry the band—comprised of guitarist Silas Durocher, bassist Jesse Gentry, and drummer Jian-Claude “JC” Mears—was back in 2016, and how much of that anger it still holds onto. Yet, even with all of the raw emotion that’s contained in “Pulled Up Root”, the vicious air guitar and air drumming adds some levity to the video as it makes fans realize how silly they must look in the crowd at concerts.

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In recent months, The Get Right Band has marched alongside Black Lives Matter protestors as the country also faced a myriad of other issues both economic and social justice related to the outbreak of COVID-19. Once again the band felt “Pulled Up Root”—once again, the song became all too-relevant.

“When I wrote ‘Pulled Up Root’ I was feeling so beat down by Trump being elected and all the things that represented–that so many people in our country, at best, weren’t concerned with his misogynistic, racist, bigoted words and actions, and at worst, actively supported them,” Durocher said. “Music is usually the best place for me to deal with my emotions, and I knew the song that was coming out of these feelings had to be a basher. If we could rock hard enough, if JC could smash the drums loud enough, if Jesse and I could get distorted enough and jump around the stage enough, if band and audience could all yell together in unison… maybe we could force that anger and heartbreak for the country into something cathartic for ourselves and for our fans.”

Watch the new music video for “Pulled Up Root” by The Get Right band.

The Get Right Band – “Pulled Up Root” (Official Music Video)

[Video: The Get Right Band]

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