In a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, host, comedian, and actor Joe Rogan invited the star of Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, actor Andrew Santino, to join him for a three-hour-long conversation on a whole slew of topics. During the episode, which was released at the end of July, the conversation veers to Dead & Company, with the two discussing the Grateful Dead-inspired reformation and John Mayer‘s role in the band.

About two-thirds of the way through the show (around the two-hour–18-minute mark), after discussing Cat Stevens, Rogan brings up that musicians can embark on “comeback tours” in a way that standup comedians cannot, revisiting and reperforming all their “old hits” to eager audiences. After talking about older acts’ ability to continue to tour, like The Beach Boys, who recently announced a summer tour in May, Santino offers up Dead & Company as an example of a band “that reconvenes with new members.”

Rogan seems surprised to find out that John Mayer currently collaborates with members of the Grateful Dead: “John Mayer? The John Mayer handsome guy who hangs out with Dave Chappelle?” Rogan asks, later exclaiming “Get the fuck out!” when Santino confirms that Mayer tours and sings with Dead & Company and that “Deadheads love it.”

Santino also offers that he has friends who love the Grateful Dead, relaying their thoughts on the project. He notes, “I got a couple friends who are Deadheads. I never was into the Dead, but they were skeptics at the beginning, they’re in fucking love with [Mayer]. ‘He does it right, man. He pays homage the right way; he’s a fucking god.’ It’s fucking insane. John Mayer, ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’, he’s playing Dead songs.”

In response, after bursting out laughing, Rogan adds, “The world can’t get any more absurd.”

You can watch episode 1148 of The Joe Rogan Experience below, with Joe Rogan and Andrew Santino talking Dead & Company at 2:18:45.

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