AC/DC has released the official music video for “Demon Fire”, one of the new original singles featured on the veteran hard-rock band’s 2020 Power Up reunion album.

The new video, which premiered on Wednesday morning, takes viewers on a CGI-produced car ride in a darkened hellscape setting. The stakes are raised with the ominous presence of demon-like figures who race along a deserted highway as the hard-hitting rock song plays throughout. The video for “Demon Fire” is the second new video from Power Up since the album’s arrival last month, following the video for “Shot in the Dark”. Embark on an aesthetic “highway to Hell” in the new video for “Demon Fire” below:

AC/DC – “Demon Fire”

[Video: AC/DC]

The band’s Back in Black era lineup has reunited after half a decade apart, with the notable addition of Stevie Young on rhythm guitar duties filling in for his late uncle and AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young. For more information on the recently reformed outfit, head here.