Andy Frasco has shared a short film entitled ‘Keep On Keepin’ On – We will get through this. – a Documentary about the times’. The 15-minute mini-doc wears many hats as it documents Frasco and The U.N.‘s recent tour, the recording of their latest album, and Andy’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The ever-honest Frasco begins the video, “Hi I’m Andy Frasco. I’m a musician, songwriter, entertainer, I interview people, I suffer with depression, loneliness, emptiness a lot of the times. I’m an alcoholic, I take drugs, I live on the road, yeah I’m kind of f*cked up. That’s okay, I’m trying my hardest to be as happy as I can every day.”

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From there, viewers are taken on a whirlwind adventure that documents what life with Andy Frasco is really like. Much of the video centers around the recording of Keep On Keepin’ On, due out on April 24th. The band returns to Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA, where they recorded 2019’s Change of Pace, and are once again joined by Widespread Panic‘s Dave Schools, who produced this new album as well as Change of Pace. The studio clips highlight how much of a workaholic Frasco actually is, in addition to the live footage that shows his other vices. Shira Elias of “the Turkuaz“, as Schools refers to them, also makes an appearance in the video when she supplies additional vocals on the album.

Overall, Keep On Keepin’ On – We will get through this fluctuates between a triumphant showcase of a hard-working band and Frasco’s personal journey being put center stage. Mental health and wellness is a theme heavily leaned on throughout the mini-doc, as it is in the forthcoming album. This also ties in with recent world events that have forced Frasco, and many around the world, to turn inward more than ever before. In the end, Frasco offers his own words of inspiration,

And what’s the point of being happy, if you can’t live in the moment? So be whoever you want to be, see whatever you want to see, and try to be exactly everything you’ve always wanted in this life. ‘Cause what’s the point? We could live for tomorrow, we could live for yesterday, or we could just be here now and try to figure it out. It’s f*cking tough, it’s f*cking hard, but we got this. So keep fighting, keep on keepin’ on.

Watch Andy Frasco’s short film, ‘Keep On Keepin’ On – We will get through this. a Documentary about the times’.

‘Keep On Keepin’ On – We will get through this. a Documentary about the times’

[Video: Andy Frasco]

While COVID-19 has effectively shut down the live music industry, Frasco has certainly stayed busy. On an almost weekly basis, Frasco has recruited friends from across the musical spectrum for lip-syncing videos to brighten everyone’s day. Meanwhile, he prepares for the release of Keep On Keepin’ On this Friday, April 24th. The album is available for pre-order here.