Radiohead will stream Live at the Astoria for this week’s installment in the band’s webcast series, At Home With Me, which documents the band’s iconic performance at the London Astoria on May 27th, 1994.

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Live at the Astoria marks the band’s only concert film to date, not including Live from the Basement, which captured an in-studio performance that Radiohead streamed last week. This performance is notable for several reasons, including the fact that fans heard many of the songs played that evening for the first time. “Fake Plastic Trees”, “Black Star”, “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”, and “My Iron Lung” would all appear on The Bends, which Radiohead released 10 months later. Furthermore, the instrumentation for the latter was kept for the album version, with just the vocals being re-recorded.

Originally released via VHS on March 13th, 1995, and later on DVD on November 21st, 2005, Live at the Astoria also features takes on “You”, “Bones”, “The Bends”, “Vegetable”, and the band’s most popular song, “Creep”. Clocking in at nearly 70 minutes, Radiohead members Thom Yorke, Jonny GreenwoodColin GreenwoodEd O’Brien, and Phil Selway also cycled through tracks like “Stop Whispering”, “Just”, “Anyone Can Play Guitar”, and “Pop Is Dead”.

Watch the Live at Astoria stream beginning at 5:00 p.m. ET and scroll down for the full setlist.

Radiohead – Live at the Astoria

[Video: Radiohead]

Setlist: Radiohead | London Astoria | London, England | 5/27/1994

Set: You, Bones, Ripcord, Black Star, Creep, The Bends, My Iron Lung, Prove Yourself, Maquiladora, Vegetable, Fake Plastic Trees, Just, Stop Whispering, Anyone Can Play Guitar

Encore: Street Spirit (Fade Out), Pop Is Dead, Blow Out