Groove rock band Aqueous welcomed fans to the Town Ballroom late last month for a sold-out New Year’s Eve performance in their hometown of Buffalo, New York. The night’s NYE show capped off a big year for the emerging jam band, who spent most of their fall and winter touring around the country in promotion of their latest studio albumColor Wheel, which had arrived independently back on October 12th. One of the lengthy jams played during the second set of the sold-out show that night was “Strange Times”, a heady original from their 2012 Willy Is 40 LP. The pro-shot video of the nearly-19-minute performance was shared by the band on Thursday afternoon, and can now be enjoyed by fans to watch from the quiet setting of their own homes.

The performance of the song actually started the show’s second half, which would also go on to include classic rock covers of the Grateful Dead‘s “Truckin'” and The Beatles‘ “Hey Jude”. Stage attire that night apparently ranged from fedoras to hockey jerseys, as the band dove right into the song’s opening chords in unison to kickstart the second set. From the opening notes, all four members of the band, especially guitarists Mike Gantzer and Dave Loss, were intensely locked in with one another and spent the first few minutes exchanging vocal duties before letting their guitars take it from there.

The jam portion of the lengthy video begins with the music taking a slower turn just before the 3:40-minute mark. Drummer Rob Hauk quickly gets the energy going again as the band dives headfirst into a loose but consistent groove a few minutes later. If fans listen closely, they might even be able to hear their tease of John Williams‘ signature orchestral theme from Jurassic Park. Fans can enjoy the entire performance in the video below.

Aqueous – “Strange Times” – 12/31/2018

[Video: Aqueous]

The October arrival of Color Wheel was not the band’s only album release of 2018. They also shared an album of live recordings over the summer from their sold-out show at Denver’s Bluebird Theater back on June 11th. Aqueous will head back out for the start of their 2019 winter tour alongside BIG Something early next month on February 7th. Fans can click here for tickets to the upcoming tour.