On Saturday, December 26th, 50+ artists and hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world came together for Georgia Comes Alive, a virtual music festival aimed at promoting voter participation in Georgia’s critical Senate runoff elections on January 5th, 2021.

One of the many world-renowned acts to take part in the nine-hour livestream was none other than pianist, composer, and singer Ben Folds who delivered a two-song performance of “Capable of Anything” and “Landed”.

The performance, delivered by way of black-and-white video, began with “Capable of Anything”, the opening track from Folds’ 2015 album, So There. The busy tune heard the solo Folds sing out meaningful and optimistic lyrics like “You’re capable of anything/And I’m sure they meant you could be president” and “We’re told we are capable of anything/But you don’t seem to think that you are capable of anything.”

Following a brief yet amusing false start, Folds’ second song, “Landed”, kept the energy going with its beautiful piano opening and sing-a-long-worthy chorus, which this time was that of a toned-down, relaxed rendition of the 2005 original.

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Relive the Ben Folds performances of “Capable of Anything” and “Landed” from Georgia Comes Alive in the video below. If you enjoyed the show and have the means, consider donating to Georgia grassroots voter organizations via GeorgiaComesAlive.com. Subscribe to the Live For Live Music YouTube channel for more Georgia Comes Alive videos. For Georgia voter info, head here.

Ben Folds – “Capable of Anything”, “Landed” – Georgia Comes Alive

Ben Folds joined 50+ other performers and speakers as part of Georgia Comes Alive, presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with voter registration nonprofit HeadCount. The marathon streaming event, powered by Nugs.TV and Plus 1, generated more than $160,000 in funds for organizations like CivicGeorgia and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda that are putting in work on the ground to get Georgians out to the polls. For more information, head here. For more information on Georgia Comes Alive, or to donate to CivicGeorgia and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, visit GeorgiaComesAlive.com.