Tuesday saw Billy Strings release his second installment of the String The Halls: Home For The Holidays Edition video series, featuring a cover of “Stone Walls and Steel Bars”. This cover of The Stanley Brothers joins yesterday’s rendition of “Think Of What You’ve Done“.

As Strings and company continue to raise money for Musically FedNashville Rescue Mission, and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, the format of the 12-day series has taken a definite shape. With Strings—born William Apostal—joined by his backing band, the ensemble takes on bluegrass standards in a traditional format packaged from within a vintage-looking television set. Today also saw the release of 120 more posters from Half Hazard Press, and fans can use the access code “STANBROS” to try and snag one.

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With another Stanley Brothers selection, this one released in October 1963, Strings shows that this will be a traditional run of videos. Even though this is only the second of 12 releases, it so far appears that these videos will be light on improvisation and more focused on bluegrass fundamentals. Strings did deliver a nod, however, to the legion of followers he has enticed with his jamming capabilities as his button-down shirt dons a Grateful Dead Stealie in the lower-left corner. As opposed to Monday’s release, this video features color which perhaps signals a push toward the modern millennia in contrast to yesterday’s black-and-white clip.

Watch Billy Strings and company perform “Stone Walls and Steel Bars” by The Stanley Brothers for day two of the String The Halls: Home For The Holidays Edition video series.

Billy Strings – “Stone Walls and Steel Bars” (The Stanley Brothers)

[Video: Billy Strings]