Billy Strings has released a new music video for his song “Watch It Fall”. Shared on Thursday, the video for the HOME track comes exactly six months after Strings debuted his animated music video for the 2019 studio album’s title track.

The new video for Strings’ stern warning about the dangers of cultural dissolution has viewers riding the rails all across the country. With a team of train-hopping graffiti artists, the potent words to “Watch It Fall” take on new meaning both with the beautiful North American landscape, as well as the images that the artists create in response to Strings’ lyrics. As Strings tackles such topics as environmental conservation, corporate greed, social injustices, and much more, the vast landscape of the United States passes by as viewers are left to wonder, “how long until there’s nothing left at all?”

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Watch the new video for Billy Strings’ “Watch It Fall” below.

Billy Strings – “Watch It Fall” (Official Video)

[Video: Billy Strings]

Despite the global pandemic that has brought a shutdown to live music, the bluegrass phenom has managed to stay rather busy. Over the past two months, Strings performed alongside Marcus King on week two of the Four of a Kind live stream, hosted his own Streaming Strings run of shows, performed at the Grand Ole Opry, made his late-night TV debut, and just recently announced a three-weekend run of drive-in concerts.