Over the past several years, Chance The Rapper has made a big name for himself not only as a successful artist but also as a philanthropist and education advocate. With that in mind, Chance headed to the longtime leading “avenue” for early childhood education: Sesame Street.

In a new clip published on the show’s YouTube page on New Year’s Day, Chance The Rapper and Cookie Monster explain that “T is for Theater” and put on a theatrical performance “all about a monster who love cookies!” But it’s not what you think. When the play’s director—a beret-wearing Elmo—enters the frame, he lets his cast know that the leading role of “The Monster Who Loves Cookies” will be played by Chance, rather than Cookie Monster. Of course, Cookie Monster is not too thrilled with the casting (he was cast as “Waiter #3”). Things get even more heated when chance can’t remember his lines. It all makes for a charming and entertaining bit for viewers of all ages. Check it out below:

Chance The Rapper & Cookie Monster on Sesame Street – “The Monster Who Loved Cookies”

[Video: Sesame Street]