Charley Crockett has released Live From The Ryman, a live album and concert film documenting his momentous debut at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.

Featuring a 23-song tracklist covering an impressive breadth of Crockett’s consistently multiplying catalog—he has released 12 albums over the past eight years—the release gives fans the chance to experience the culmination of nearly two decades of determination by the Texas country revivalist, who once performed on the street as a busker in an alley outside hallowed venue.

“That’s what was running through my mind the night The Blue Drifters and I played the Ryman for the first time, a sold-out show on a Monday in November,” Crockett said. “About a third of the way into the set, just before my song ‘The Valley,’ I said to the crowd ‘The alley’s just outside, but it’s a long way from right here.’

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“It’s surreal seeing clips of the show now, mostly because the whole night feels like a haze in my mind,” he continued. “The last thing I remember before going on stage is standing in the hallway near the back door to the alley, looking at a photograph of George Jones and thinking about how he had stage fright just like I do. It’s something I’ve never been able to shake, and I swear if you were at the back of the Ryman and you squinted good enough when I walked onstage, you could see the butterflies flying out of my stomach. But once I got out there, something shifted in me for reasons I can’t fully explain. There are some nights when you get in your head and it’s so hard to stay in the moment, but that night I wasn’t the least bit self-conscious. Everything felt like a dream.”

Click here to listen to Charley Crockett’s Live From The Ryman on your preferred streaming platform or listen via the Spotify player below. Watch the full concert film below for free for a limited time. For more on the project, read coverage of the original announcement here. For a full list of Charley Crockett’s upcoming tour dates and to purchase tickets, visit his website.

Charley Crockett – Live From The Ryman – Full Concert Film

Charley Crockett – Live From The Ryman – Full Live Album