Cory Wong has released another new original track which will appear on the versatile funk guitarist’s forthcoming studio album, The Striped Album, due out next Friday, October 23rd. Entitled, “Smooth Move”, the third single from what will be Wong’s eighth album of 2020 features Tom Misch, and hears the two musicians combining their powers for the five-minute instrumental. Misch and Wong had previously teamed up on the track “Cosmic Sans”, which appeared on Wong’s 2019 Motivational Music For The Syncopated Soul studio album.

Wong’s trademark clear Fender Stratocaster tone takes front and center on the instrumental, which bounces along with plenty of attitude. The main hook/theme of the track is catchy enough to keep the listener move forward, and the noticeable added vocal parts help provide some contrast to Misch’s lead guitar riffs to go with the pulse of an emphasized drum beat.

Wong said in a press statement of his latest collaboration with Misch,

There’s something about the two of us playing together that feels so natural and free of agenda. Since we both do such different things on the instrument, and we have mutual respect for each other, there’s no ego and there’s nothing to prove. We can just sit down and play music together. It’s hard not to imagine what it would be like if we actually spent a week together in a real studio!

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Listen to the latest single from Wong featuring Tom Misch below.

Cory Wong ft. Tom Misch – “Smooth Moove”

[Video: Roundwound Media LLC]

Wong’s forthcoming self-produced, 10-track album will feature a mix of other special guests including Kimbra, Hornheads, Phoebe Katis, Tom Misch, David T. Walker, Mr. Talkbox, and Joe Satriani. Click here to pre-order your copy of The Striped Album.