Cory Wong celebrated the premiere of his new Cory and The Wongnotes variety show on Thursday, along with the arrival of a new single entitled “Coming Back Around”.

The first of eight episodes as part of Wong’s new performance and sketch comedy-based web series debuted for free on Wong’s YouTube page. Thursday’s episode notably featured an interview and performance alongside special guest Cody Fry, who also sings and plays guitar on “Coming Back Around”. Fry was also a guest vocalist on Wong’s 2020 albums Elevator Music For An Elevated Mood and Live In Amsterdam.

Watch Thursday’s episode and stream Wong’s new single below.

Cory and The Wongnotes – Episode 1

[Video: Cory Wong]

Cory Wong – “Coming Back Around” feat. Cody Fry

[Video: Cory Wong]

“I’ve always been a fan of late-night TV, specifically late-night talk shows. But as a musician, I’ve selfishly wanted more focus on the music and the musicians! So I figured I’d start my own show that does it,” Wong said in a press statement about his latest creative venture. “For years I have worked as a bandleader and music director for other projects, but doing it for my own show has been a real pleasure. Beyond the musical aspect, it has been a creatively energizing endeavor to write and act in sketches, and to take the wheel as host of the show. This is the most ambitious and creatively fulfilling project for me. I brought in some of my best friends and musicians that I know to create together and to interview them about their process.”

New episodes of Cory and the Wongnotes are set to premiere every Thursday on Cory Wong’s YouTube page.