Are we geting a little closer to some Robot Rock? Earlier this morning, Daft Punk updated their website and Facebook page with the official image above. They also posted a link to on Facebook. These are some of the first official updates from the French production duo in years, which will no doubt fuel speculation of a much awaited new tour or album. Earlier this year, we told you that Daft Punk had switched from EMI to Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony – Columbia’s logo is featured prominently on the duo’s website.

The notoriously reclusive Daft Punk last toured extensively in 2007 for the ‘Alive 2007′ Tour which featured headlining stops at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Vegoose Music Festival in addition to several international dates. Since then, they’ve only appeared in public for a surprise Grammy performance with Kanye West in 2008, and a guest performers at a Phoenix concert at Madison Square Garden in 2010. They also released the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy in 2010, but did not make public appearances in support of the album.

Keep an eye out for more Daft Punk news. Rumor has it they’re gearing up for a new album in the spring, but that seems to be the case almost all the time.