With another night of Hanukkah came another installment of Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin‘s Hanukkah Sessions series. This latest episode, released on Tuesday or the sixth day of Hanukkah, found the Foo Fighters frontman and his producer covering “Connection” by Elastica.

Launched on the first night of the Festival of Lights last Thursday, the series features Grohl and Kurstin covering a different song by a different Jewish artist each night. So far, the duo has paid tribute to Beastie BoysDrakeMountain, Peaches, and Bob Dylan.

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For those who don’t remember, Elastica struck it big with the single “Connection” in 1994 a full year ahead of their debut album’s release in 1995. The song reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart and had enough momentum to gain popularity in North America—a rare feat for Britpop music—and rose to 53 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite the success of “Connection”, Elastica never again found the same success in the United States and split up in 2001 a year after releasing their sophomore album.

As for Grohl and Kurstin’s rendition of the Elastica classic, the duo continued their two-pronged attack of Kurstin on keys and Grohl holding down drums and vocals. Over the course of the Hanukkah Sessions, it’s been proven time and again that Kurstin can do anything on his keyboard—from the bass of “Sabotage” to the fuzzed-out guitar of “Mississippi Queen”—and the synthetic Britpop keyboard found on “Connection” is certainly no exception. The band noted in the video’s description,

From Brit Milot to Britpop…here’s one of the coolest tracks from the 90’s….sung by the very cool…and Jewish…Justine Frischmann…ELASTICA!

Watch Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin cover “Connection” by Elastica.

Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin – “Connection” (Elastica)

[Video: Foo Fighters]