Rolling Stone‘s resident video advice columnist David Crosby returned for another edition of his Ask Croz segment this week where he explored everything from the age-old Beatles versus Rolling Stones debate to THC edibles, childhood adrenaline junkies, and more.

The first question came from a grandparent concerned for their eight-year-old grandson with an unquenchable thirst for excitement. The 79-year-old singer-songwriter has fathered four children of his own, so he spoke from experience when he simply stated, “Any eight-year-old has an appetite for thrills.”

“I would not be worried,” Crosby said. “Just when he bangs his head, his arm, or his elbow nurture him and tell him he’s gonna be okay and hug him and stuff and try to keep him from doing real damage to himself.”

Another fan asked Crosby to settle the age-old debate of The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones, another question the musician answered with as much ease as the previous query. Crosby himself is a Beatles man, noting the Fab Four’s extensive range as well as their ability to sing harmony, something the Stones never quite mastered.

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“The Stones did have a fairly wide range that they did, but the Beatles had a much wider range of writing that they could do,” Crosby said. “And the Beatles could sing harmony. The Stones can’t do that for squat… It’s a matter of personal taste, of course. But for me, the Beatles, no question.”

The elder statesman of the counterculture movement also weighed in on pot—something with which he is well-versed, as anyone who has visited his surprisingly active Twitter page is aware. A recently widowed nurse picked the musician’s brain on THC edibles, as she has gone her entire life without touching anything harder than alcohol.

“Find one that you like,” Crosby said. “Either a commercial one that somebody makes or that you make yourself, and take a little bit. It’s called ‘titrating.’ You take just a little bit first and see how strong it is. If it’s not strong enough, you take a little more and wait. Once you establish what your dosage is, you take that dose whenever you want. You know what will happen. I do edibles every night. I eat ginger snaps that my wife makes. They are wonderful and they get you high, which can’t be a bad thing.”

Finally, one last music question took Crosby to bat on how good a judge he is of the fellow songwriters in his generation and how hard they worked. It was brought into question how well he really knew them and their processes. Crosby quickly dispelled this notion by reminding the viewer, “Joni Mitchell, probably the best singer-songwriter of our generation, was my old lady. We lived together for about a year and I produced her first record.” He also noted “And it’s pretty much the same with the others,” before rattling off a laundry list of celebrated songwriters who he counts among his personal friends including “James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, Jackson Browne, Neil [Young] and Steven [Stills] and Graham [Nash], they’re all good writers. So, yeah, I do think I know most of the good songwriters of our generation and I think I’m a fair judge of them.”

With that, the latest installment of Ask Croz came to a close but not before Crosby beckoned viewers, “send me some weirder questions!” Head over to Rolling Stone to watch the newest episode of Ask Croz.