On Monday, eBay launched its Vinyl Obsession Week, which sees the online marketplace putting an added emphasis on records through October 4th.

Vinyl Obsession Week comes just after the second 2020 installment of Record Store Day, dubbed RSD Drops. In response to the pandemic, rather than hosting Record Store Day like usual in late August, special releases were instead divvied up between August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th.

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For eBay Vinyl Obsession Week, fans can participate in a variety of initiatives, including getting in on RSD Drops. The main point of Record Store Day is to highlight independent record stores around the country, so that’s what eBay has done in order to provide safe shopping for those who missed out on RSD Drops. Through partnerships with over 40 independent record stores all around the United States, eBay is allowing customers to support their local shops.

“Partnering with eBay has allowed my brick-and-mortar store to stay busy during the pandemic,” Nick Naruz, owner of Toad Hall Books and Records which has partnered with eBay, said in a statement. “Selling Records online has kept our doors open through these hard times.”

In addition to RSD Drops offerings and partnerships with local stores, eBay is also raising money for MusiCares through rare auctions. A signed copy of Willie Nelson‘s Stardust, a Gibson acoustic signed by Sturgill Simpson, and more are on the auction block to raise money for out of work musicians. In addition to the auctions, there’s also a trove of rare items in the Collectible Titles section, featuring box sets, colored vinyl, and other limited-release items.

Then for those who aren’t even sure where to begin, eBay has also set up a Staff Picks section. No longer must customers withstand the judgemental looks from the person behind the counter at the record store, because now that person is choosing the music for you. Finally, any shopper who purchases $60 in goods from get_importcds, a seller with over 30,000 listed items, will receive a three-month TIDAL subscription.

Visit eBay’s dedicated Vinyl Obsession Week page for more information.