Music fans continue to grasp at any sort of return to normalcy they can with the current hiatus of the concert and live events industry for the foreseeable future. At-home performances and archive concert couch tour broadcasts are all the rage amongst the live music community for the time being, but it’s worth remembering that the power of captured live audio can be just as, if not more inspiring and revitalizing for fans who lack the unparalleled thrills of live music right now.

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So it should bring a smile to many fans to know that the audio of Everyone Orchestra‘s six-song performance from the final day of Jam Cruise 18 earlier this year has found its way online thanks to taper Bryan Belay. The nearly-90-minute performance inside Pantheon Theater the aboard the MSC Divina featured wonderful collaborative jams from the group comprised of Matt Butler, Holly Bowling (Ghost Light), Samatha Fish, Steve Kimock, Dan “Lebo” LebowitzKarina Rykman, and Kanika Moore (Doom Flamingo).

The group performance on Jam Cruise’s final day was one to behold, as all but one song was kept to within the 10-minute mark, allowing all the participating musicians to extend their real-time collaborative creations to their full potential inside the sweaty indoor theater. The annual celebration with Positive Legacy brought musicians and fans together for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity founded on promoting music and service to give back to people and the environment.

Relive Everyone Orchestra’s Jam Cruise performance in full below. You can also listen to this and other full Everyone Orchestra performances via

Everyone Orchestra – Jam Cruise 18 – 1/11/20

[Audio: Bryan Belay]

The audio of the band’s performances, including the Jam Cruise set, are available for fans to purchase via