Foo Fighters are no strangers to special guest appearances during their live shows. For example, in the past year alone, the band has invited high-profile music figures like John TravoltaBilly Idol, and Rick Astley, among others, to the stage to join them. However, the band led by Dave Grohl seemingly loves to give lesser-known musicians a time in the spotlight as well, inviting up their fans, such as the now-viral sensation “Kiss Guy”, to perform.

Most of all, Foo Fighters relish the opportunity to give children a chance to share the stage with them, having invited a number of young kids out to show off their musical prowess, including Dave Grohl’s young daughter, who sat in on drums during a show in Iceland. As part of an ongoing campaign to let young musical talents jam with the band on stage, on May 4th, during a performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, Foo Fighters welcomed another talented kid to the stage—one that goes by the moniker Little Fonzie.

Little Fonzie, an eight-year-old drummer, certainly milked his brief time on stage, intentionally or unintentionally refusing to leave the stage during his cameo on Friday night. Taking Taylor Hawkins’ spot at the drum kit, the precocious and skilled drummer tore through the first segment of his solo, much to the delight of the audience and the band members on stage. After Grohl re-introduced Little Fonzie and shook his hand—a cue for the kid to leave—Little Fonzie went right back into it.

As the solo continued, the band members on stage seemed flabbergasted—at one point, Grohl muttered into the mic to one of his bandmates “I don’t—I don’t know what to do.” Between uncontrollable laughter and bewilderment and shaking their heads, it was clear the Foo Fighters had no clue as to how to get the kid to vacate the stage politely. Grohl also tried hinting to their young guest drummer that he needed to leave, announcing that “there were a couple more songs we wanted to do tonight” and asking “Hey, Little Fonzie, can I have my concert back?” before eventually calling in Little Fonzie’s father to get him off stage.

You can watch the hilarious interaction and Little Fonzie’s amazing cameo with Foo Fighters below.


[Video: Justin Newton]

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