Foo Fighters continue to release unique original content recognizing the rock band’s 25th anniversary this year, despite the fact that Dave Grohl and company were forced to scrap all of their celebratory tour dates and performance plans to mark the achievement in longevity.

On Monday the band released a new short film entitled, Times Like Those, which sees each member gather at the studio as they provide commentary while looking back through a mix of photos from their journey over the past quarter-century. The film’s cinematography is similar to that of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where viewers are shown the same imagery as the members of the band (seen from behind) while they offer their real-time commentary with some casual jokes and memories thrown into the dialog.

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Watch the entire 26-minute film below.

Foo Fighters – Times Like Those (25th Anniversary Short Film)

[Video: Foo Fighters]

The band returned to the stage earlier this month for a virtual, fan-less performance filmed at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood back on November 14th.