Country star Garth Brooks is releasing his new album, Time Traveler, exclusively through Bass Pro Shops.

The album will not be available digitally or at any physical retailers except for the outdoor recreation and sporting goods chain, where it will be available only as part of The Limited Series 7-Disc Box Set.

“There are a lot of different eras on this album, thus the name,” said Brooks. “Country music’s core is sincerity. After that, you can dress it up a thousand different ways. I am so lucky to live under the flag of country music.”

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In addition to Brooks’ new, self-produced album, the The Limited Series box set will also include 2014’s Man Against Machine, 2016’s Gunslinger, 2020’s Fun, and the 2019 Triple Live concert album. It is scheduled to hit shelves on November 7th, but Bass Pro Shops encouraged Garth Brooks fans to pre-order, warning they “cannot guarantee that there will be enough inventory to stock our retail stores by the time the set is released.”

Garth Brooks is in the midst of an residency in Las Vegas, which is set to run through July 2024. For a list of upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, visit his website.