On Saturday, February 27th at 2:00 p.m. ET, South African electronic duo GoldFish will premiere the video of a recent live set on a San Diego, CA beach captured in partnership with SoCal upstarts PÜRE Musica.

Like the rest of the music world in 2020, the lauded duo comprised of Dominic Peters (upright bass, keys) and David Poole (sax, flute, mixing) had a busy touring schedule on the books with shows all over the globe. “It really took a moment to come around to the sudden change,” explains Peters. “We definitely had post-traumatic tour disorder for the first few weeks… I kept having this feeling like I was late for the airport or something.”

The shutdown whiplash struck particularly hard for GoldFish. A week before the world shut down in March of 2020, GoldFish had performed the biggest show of their career: a sold-out show at the legendary Printworks in London.

Even with plans for a big summer of festival appearances dashed, GoldFish continued to perform—albeit from far less auspicious stages. “Musicians are used to improvising, so we just carried on like we always had—playing live,” adds Poole. “Except this time it was just from our living room. The silver lining really has been connecting with our fans, in some ways better than we ever had before. We could lift people’s spirits during these tough times with our live streams and in turn it lifted ours too.”

For this special stream, however, GoldFish took the party outdoors. Filmed by PÜRE Musica, the stream takes viewers to the cliffs above a picturesque San Diego for some truly breathtaking visuals. As Poole explains, “We’ve been surfing ever since we moved to the States from South Africa and have always looked up at the cliffs from the water and thought how cool it would be to play a set there. Now we can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Featuring GoldFish’s signature live instrumentation and organic house sounds, Poole and Peters through a selection of new material as well as unreleased remixes and edits taking the viewer on audiovisual journey. Watch the full live set below.

GoldFish at Gilder Port for PÜRE – San Diego, CA

[Video: GoldFishLive]