Your friendly neighborhood virtual band, UK’s own Gorillaz, teased a new collaboration with Tame Impala in an Instagram post on Friday.

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The Gorillaz unveiled their new Song Machine project earlier this week after teasing fans with the potential for new music. The first Song Machine installment saw the virtual superstars collaborate with UK MC slowthai and the punk rock duo Slaves on a song titled “Momentary Bliss”.

Now, not even a week later, the band’s fictional guitarist, Noodle, posted a photo hinting at a forthcoming collaboration with Tame Impala. The photo superimposed the Gorillaz driving a “geep” over the album art for Currents, the Australian-based project’s 2015 album.


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While nothing has been confirmed, this tease is not likely to be misdirection. The last time the Gorillaz teased a Song Machine project, the new song was released two days later. Here’s to hoping that a collaboration between the Gorillaz and Tame Impala comes sooner, rather than later.

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