Greensky Bluegrass on Tuesday dug into the archives for a studio take on “Last Winter In The Copper Country” featuring keyboardist Holly Bowling (Ghost Light). The recording came from the sessions for 2022’s Stress Dreams and took place on September 22nd, 2020 at Guilford Sound in Guilford, VT

Written by Joshua Davis of Steppin’ In It, “Last Winter In The Copper Country” has been a setlist staple for Greensky Bluegrass stretching back to 2010. The confidence with which the jamgrass ensemble a composition is evident in this live studio take, sprawling out the improvisation like the picturesque Vermont countryside that adorns the visual accompaniment. Bowling’s delicate piano melds into the roots sound with ease—and without shaking too many leaves on entry—enveloping the acoustic instruments with a soft outer layer.

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As mandolinist/vocalist Paul Hoffman wrote of the recording experience,

when we traveled to guilford to make ‘stress dreams’, the greatest joy came from just playing music together. we got hip to our musical friend, holly, being near the studio. naturally, we invited her to join us before we even knew what she should play on. we decided to have her play on the title track and she crushed it.

holly hadn’t played with anyone in a long time. adding some keys to a track was great. we all cheered heavily from the control room but we needed to really dig into something. together. live.

just for fun, only because, and with the intention of fully opening it up, we all went into the room to play ‘last winter in the copper county’.

outside in vermont seasonal shift was present and beautiful. holly was pregnant with a son. the litteral connections to the song were wild. it felt powerful and i’m glad we indulged.

come see us with holly in new york city. i’m betting the magic will continue. twice. it’s two nights (6/24 + 6/25).

Watch Greensky Bluegrass and Holly Bowling cover “Last Winter In The Copper Country” in-studio. The band will have Bowling on hand for a special two-night engagement at New York, NY’s The Rooftop at Pier 17. For tickets and a full list of tour dates visit GSBG’s website.

Greensky Bluegrass, Holly Bowling – “Last Winter In The Copper Country” (Joshua Davis)