On Saturday, May 30th, over 70 artists and thousands of fans came together for Quarantine Comes Alive, a virtual music festival that raised money for a litany of charities via the comprehensive PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The 15-hour livestream marathon featured new contributions by an array of amazing artists from around the world. It was a lot to take in and you surely missed at least a few of the many performers, so we’ll be rolling out the individual segments over the next few weeks to highlight each of the individual performances.

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Here Come The Mummies, was one of several bands on the Quarantine Comes Alive lineup that was set to perform at this year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive before the coronavirus crisis forced the festival to move to March 2021. Thankfully, the band of undead partiers—whose true identities remain a mystery—were able to safely rise from their respective crypts to put together a remote performance of a brand new song, “At The End”, for QCA.

As guitarist/vocalist Mummy Cass explained to Live For Live Music about the new tune, “‘At the End’ was written before the pandemic and stuff. It is one Egyptian slave’s revenge fantasy against the abusive Pharaoh. We could never have imagined that it would take on the additional dimensions it has now. It seemed to jump out as perfect for Quarantine Comes Alive.”

Continued Mummy Cass, “Being in quarantine was and is tough. We played a lot of dominoes with our respective lady friends, streamed a lot of nonsense trying to raise our dopamine to pre-pandemic levels. We’re baking a lot. Exercising to keep our fitness at pre-baking-a-lot-levels. Enriching Jeff Bezos more than we are comfortable with. You get the idea. We’re starting to dip our big toe in the ocean of returning to the world, but it is gonna be a process. Quarantine Comes Alive was such a fun thing to be a part of. Everyone is trying to figure out how to carry on. And that’s what life is all about, baby.”

If you enjoyed the performance, the band asks that you make a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Watch Here Come The Mummies perform “At The End” at Quarantine Comes Alive below:

Here Come The Mummies – “At The End” – Quarantine Comes Alive

Presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with PLUS1 and Nugs.TV, Quarantine Comes Alive was conceived as a way to celebrate and support musicians, provide fans with unique musical experiences from the comfort of their couches, and raise money for comprehensive COVID-19 relief during this time of uncertainty. The $160k+ in donations raised from the event will be split evenly between the artists on the bill and the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, which works directly with leading non-profit organizations like Sweet ReliefMusiCaresCenter for Disaster PhilanthropyWorld Central KitchenPartners In HealthTrans Lifeline, and Backline to provide aid where it’s needed most. For more information, head here.