Justin Charles

Tickets to Jack White have been highly sought after in New York recently; A special Webster Hall show caused a ticketing frenzy, while two more traditional shows at Roseland Ballroom sold out almost instantly. New York rock fans may be less inclined to flock venues for Jack White in the future, as many rockers left Radio City Music Hall last night frustrated and upset – many even chanting “this is bullshit!”

Twitter is buzzing at the fact that after only a 40 minute set, the headliner simply walked off the stage, never to return. Fans waited patiently, assuming White would return for at least an encore, yet were eventually told they had to leave the venue. As to be expected, fans did not react well.

“Fuck Jack White” chants erupted while many fans flocked to the merchandise booths in an attempt to return their previously purchased t-shirts. Others gathered near the backstage exit in an attempt to protest.

It is unclear exactly why White became upset – rumors making the rounds say that he was disappointed in the crowd’s energy (Radio City is a seated venue), and that he was not satisfied with the venue’s sound. Either way, this seems uncharacteristically diva-like.

White will return to Radio City tonight for another show. Tickets still remain on sale.