Umphrey’s McGee bandmates Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger had already planned on hosting an unorthodox version of their annual Holiday Show duet this past Saturday. The guitarists were set to go live together for a remote rendition of their 18th annual joint concert to celebrate the holiday season. Then, even in 2020, things got stranger as the musicians decided out of an abundance of caution to perform their show—dubbed Shitty Limo—separately from their respective locations.

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On Monday, Umphrey’s McGee shared footage of Jake Cinninger performing the instrumental “Glory” from his segment of the pay-per-view stream. From Boondock Studios in Niles, MI—the same site as the full band’s in-studio concerts from June—the lead guitarist was a one-man-band as he employed drum tracks and other looping technologies to deliver a full-on spectacle.

Despite the stinted nature of the performance, Cinninger was still able to throw his entire weight behind Umphrey’s McGee’s longstanding instrumental. Centered around the song’s earworm riff, this rendition of the song skates just under the three-minute mark but is by no means any less potent. While this pair of remote performances from Brendan and Jake certainly wasn’t what they—or the fans—expected out of the Holiday Show, they continued to prove the band’s utter resilience in the face of constantly changing elements.

Watch Jake Cinninger perform “Glory” during his half of the Shitty Limo Holiday Show on December 12th.

Jake Cinninger – “Glory” – Niles, MI – 12/12/20

[Video: Umphrey’s McGee]