It’s been an exciting year for Jamiroquai fans, as the British funk/acid jazz group returned to the scene exactly 12 months ago. Two months later, the group released Automaton, a follow up to 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star marking the band’s eighth studio album. To complement their new album, Jamiroquai embarked on a global tour in 2017, hitting Tokyo and Seoul in addition to major cities across Europe. However, North American cities were conspicuously left off of Jamiroquai’s 2017 come-back tour, leading many to hope that 2018 will see the group hitting the U.S.—marking the first time the group has performed in the United States since November of 2005. With Coachella officially on the books, and messages from band members and promoters pointing at a North American tour, 2018 is officially on the rise for another big year with Jamiroquai.

Today, Jay Kay and crew released a new Bonus Track from Automaton. “Now We Are Alone” is the first in a series of new bonus tracks promised as a special “Happy 2018 present,” with a note from Jay Kay himself.

‘’After decimating every other species on the planet, humans may find out the poverty of their own existence, with nothing but cattle and domesticated animals left for company. What a tragedy we are creating. Hope you enjoy the track. Love. J’’

Listen to “Now We Are Alone” by Jamiroquai below, and stay tuned for an announcement on 2018 U.S. tour dates!

If you haven’t already, download the full album here.